Google notebooks live and rocking


Google notebooks is live. The scribble pad lets you organize your browsing information all in a simple catalogue manner. Firefox users can get the google notebook extension and setup their google notebook. A lightweight extension on the right corner of your browser.

You can fill links, images, text snippets and just about anything into the notebook. Add sections to organize them and also create new notebooks.

google notebooks
By clicking the expand button on the small window on the corner of your browser, you can pop you notebook out. Also there is an option to make your notebook public. you will be provided a url, so that you can share your notebook with your friend and family.

RSS feed to the notebook is still not available, but lets hope they add it soon.

Google Notebook

5 Responses to “Google notebooks live and rocking”

  1. 1 wom

    I’m loving Google Notebook, I got the Firefox extension to use with it and it’s great. I can organize all I wanna save on the web easily.

  2. 2 Tim

    took your advice and starting using notebook. I hate to say but I like it. Seems to me to be a bookmarking alternitive. much cooler.

  3. 3 Tim

    Oh yea, the firefox ext. makes it even better. One more reason to break the shackles of microsoft explorer and lock on the shackles of google.

  4. @Wom:
    Good to hear that. Its definitely a super cool application.

  5. @Tim:
    Yup even I am using it as a book marking alternative… And firefox is the best 🙂

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