Summer Projects – distributing the future


The summer holidays are fast approaching, and O'Reilly Networks is offering podcasts on Summer projects. Google Summer of Code has also been discussed rigouresly in one of the podcasts.

Are you looking for something fun or interesting to do this summer? This week, we begin with an interview with Julieanne Kost, whose pictures from airplanes are published in the book Window Seat. Then Google's Chris Dibona talks to us about the upcoming second Summer of Code. Finally, Dale Dougherty reads from his article in Make magazine on Natalie Jeremijenko and her robot dogs. (DTF 05-08-2006: 24 minutes 35 seconds)

More podcasts will soon be added up. Most of the projects are technical, but you also have fun to do projects which doesnt require you to be a rocket science engineer. You can also subscribe to these podcast using iTunes.
Summer Projects – Distributing the Future 

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