Digital Photography tips and tricks


Digital Photography School has an article on '10 ways to add variety to your digital photography'. The article doesnt involve unimaginable out of world techniques, but makes a listphotography techniques of ten most trivial but foregone steps to make continuous photography interesting. Mostly while shooting a lot of images in short time, the photographer foregoes the variety element. This makes the photo collection rather mundane and boring.

Some of the tricks enlisted in the article also explores professional photographing. Here are a few examples:

7. Try Exposure Bracketing – this is a technique that Pro photographers use to make sure they get the perfect exposure. Some cameras have a built in bracketing function but with others you’ll need to do it manually. The basic principle of it is to take numerous shots in a row and purposely shooting them at a variety of exposures. Start with under exposing them and gradually dial up your exposure levels until your last shot is over exposed. I’ll write a tutorial on this at some point in the future but in the mean time hit your digital camera’s instruction book to see if they have a way to do it automatically.

8. Experiment with different ‘modes’
– even the most basic point and shoot cameras have different ’shooting modes’. These are usually things like ‘portrait’, ‘landscape’, ’sports’, ‘night’ etc. Sometimes it’s worth flicking through these to take shots at different settings. What these modes do is simply change the basic settings (like aperture, shutter speed, ISO) – all things that can change the look and feel of your shot considerably

9. Play with your Flash
– try turning your flash off or forcing it to fire in shots. Sometimes adding flash to a scene where there’s lots of light behind your subject is essential (even though your camera might not think it needs it). This stops those silhouette shots where it looks like you’re trying to hide the identity of your subject

10 ways to add variety to your digital photography

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    you are great photographer

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