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CutePDF Writer


Here's a nifty little utility to convert all those Word documents ( or any other file type for that matter ) into PDF documents. Get CutePDF Writer (freeware). Install the program and the next time you need to convert any file to pdf format, just say Print and choose CutePDF Writer as your Print Device […]

  I came across the Gimp User Group website and it's got some great content. They have really useful Tutorials for GIMP users and I found them pretty impressive. They cover some of the most basic techniques for creating some some of the most common and stunning effects used in 2D rendering. The tutorials covered […]

Digital Photography School has an article on '10 ways to add variety to your digital photography'. The article doesnt involve unimaginable out of world techniques, but makes a list of ten most trivial but foregone steps to make continuous photography interesting. Mostly while shooting a lot of images in short time, the photographer foregoes the […]

The summer holidays are fast approaching, and O'Reilly Networks is offering podcasts on Summer projects. Google Summer of Code has also been discussed rigouresly in one of the podcasts. Are you looking for something fun or interesting to do this summer? This week, we begin with an interview with Julieanne Kost, whose pictures from airplanes […]

So Google SketchUp is here and looks awesome. It has a lot of features and you want to learn more, but are unable to find the starting points. Here is a website which gives you a detailed mapping of various resources to learn and understand SketchUp. There are some excellent narrated Flash tutorials about SketchUp […]

YouTube gets better, with more functionality and more access. A new feature at YouTube enables users to upload videos from their PDA/Mobile phone. This is good news to mobile video bloggers and the likes. Mobile videos increase ones reach to authentic and down to earth videos as you don't always have a camera when you […]

Google press day 2006, has seen some fabulous web services, most of whihc has been in detail discussed at Google Blogoscoped. Google Co-op. A co-operative community, where in people can submit their suggestions to improve the google experience on the whole. Google Desktop 4. The latest version of google desktop which allows you to access […]