GmailSync – data backup


gmailsyncGmailSync is your one stop solution for data backup. It’s free, reliable and uses google technology (Gmail). With support to sub-directories and uploading files to your gmail account this service is a definite good addition to your downloads list. Imagine 2.7 gb of free space over the net with smtp. Further 99 invites, which means 2.7 X 99 = 267.3 gb of free web space with gmail security.

The download and installation process is simple and quick. You can also sync your GmailSync with your windows task scheduler so as to automate regular backups.


4 Responses to “GmailSync – data backup”

  1. 1 rae

    Perfect pages… tnx

  2. Very needed information found here, thank you for your work

  3. Great job guys…

  4. 4 monix

    For those that are looking programs for using Gmail as online storage,
    check out Vombato Mail Drive which now has GMail support. It also allows
    you to use any of your POP3 account the same way.


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