Archive for May 5th, 2006

As bloggers we rely mostly on stats and referals to keep ourselves ticking. But if you ever wanted to know how linkable your blog post is then Google Blogoscoped presents a questionair which can help you determine that. The questionair condenses most of the good qualities of a pro blogger. It takes about a minute […]

Google is organizing Automated Testing conference during September 7th and 8th in London. They are calling in for presentations. So if you have something to share then have a look at their site. The last date for submitting your presentation is June 1st. I’m happy to announce that Google will be hosting a Conference on […]

Elephant Staircase has a nice tutorial on how to make your own Dry Erase Board. It’s super simple and requires a few things of the likes: acrylic plastic sheet, washers, wall anchors. All of which is readily available at your local hardware shop. The article is pretty detailed and also analyzes the other modes of […]

GmailSync is your one stop solution for data backup. It’s free, reliable and uses google technology (Gmail). With support to sub-directories and uploading files to your gmail account this service is a definite good addition to your downloads list. Imagine 2.7 gb of free space over the net with smtp. Further 99 invites, which means […]