Yahoo! Tech


It was Flickr, Now it is Tech. Yahoo is gearing up for what seems to be an eternal battle of services. The latest Weapon in Yahoo's arsenal is Yahoo! Tech. Yahoo!Tech is probably the best place to find anything and everything you want to know about the gadgets in the market. Yahoo!Tech Compares the cost, features and the end results between the best products in the market.

What is probably its best feature is the Pro-Reviews available in it. It is written by experts in the most normal language sans the technical jargon.

Developed in the lines of Zdnet Reviews, but with better interface and features, Yahoo!tech is probably the best place to decide whether you have to go in for a Sony digital camera or a Kodak.

Yahoo! Tech

10 Responses to “Yahoo! Tech”

  1. 1 Rakesh

    it looks promising…but not the best especially if u r looking for digital cameras. is far better and deals exclusively with digital cameras. I bought a minolta 7Hi based on the reviews given here ( and when i tried the same on yahoo tech i got nothing.;_ylt=ApwZz43gHw7VwJoC7zjljkQRLpA5?prod=minolta%20dimage%207Hi

  2. Oi, I had no such help when I wanted a digi cam, not fair.
    Finally decide upon kodak.

  3. flickr is a wonderful site for photo uploading

  4. interesting post

  5. really veloaty?

  6. Very interesting!

    – Moose
    Editor of the Canon T1i Blog

  1. 1 Shitzu
  2. 2 a graveyard for lunatics
  3. 3 reef contest
  4. 4 teens losing their virginity

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