Google Stores


google pogo penDid you know google had an Online store where you could buy products ranging from pens to towels to tees? Mugs, lava lamps, alarm clocks, laptop bags, all this and more at the Google Store at an acceptable price. Why wouldnt anyone buy it? Its google branded. All their products are super sleek.

However the rest of the world gets only a few products for sale when compared to the US of A and Canada. But soon I guess all of us will have access to all their procucts. Do check them out.

The Google Stores

3 Responses to “Google Stores”

  1. 1 Shirley

    Love Google!



  2. 2 bothack

    Good to meet a fellow google lover.

  3. i’m a google lover
    i like this pen veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much


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