Break The Cipher


Are you bored of the Google Da Vinci Code challenge? Do you feel the puzzles are too easy and not taxing your brain enough? Want to give your brain a nice workout?

Break The Cipher (BTC) is the place where you wanna be. BTC offers tough encrypted challenges, which will keep you on the edge. An what do you get if you break the code: $120. Yes! it might not be as cool as google which offers prizes worth $97,000, but it definitely is worth your time.

All the ciphers are human-usable – if you understand the cipher you can decrypt the message with just a pencil and paper (the trick is understanding the cipher).

So go ahead and have fun solving them.

Break The Cipher

Those who are looking for answers to the google da vinci code challenge look here.

2 Responses to “Break The Cipher”

  1. There is an entry fee of 5$ for participating-even viewing the cipher!!

  1. 1 blackjack4u

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