Archive for May 2nd, 2006

All those who are interested in getting a mini football for FREE visit this site and fill up the form. TNT has come up with this publicity stunt to improve its stats when compared to the courier gaints DHL and FEDex. They also gift you with a match football once you use their service. (Limited […]

Google Stores


Did you know google had an Online store where you could buy products ranging from pens to towels to tees? Mugs, lava lamps, alarm clocks, laptop bags, all this and more at the Google Store at an acceptable price. Why wouldnt anyone buy it? Its google branded. All their products are super sleek. However the […]

Are you bored of the Google Da Vinci Code challenge? Do you feel the puzzles are too easy and not taxing your brain enough? Want to give your brain a nice workout? Break The Cipher (BTC) is the place where you wanna be. BTC offers tough encrypted challenges, which will keep you on the edge. An […]

Here is a nice link which lets you create a button for you gCal. All you are required is to fill up an event and instantly the code for the button is available. You can palce this button on your blog/site/forum and invite guests and others to share your gcal with them. also the html […]