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World Cup fever has caught up with Firefox extensions. FootieFox is a Firefox extension that provides live football scores from matches around the globe. The latest installment, version 1.0.3 is out! After having problems with the 1.0.1 release, the developers seem to have sorted out issues and it's working just fine. This extension is a […]

A nice read on the most pressing issues concerning gamers and the gaming industry. It discusses the shortfalls of games today and ideas that game developers need to look into in future. A Gamer's Manifesto

This tutorial will show you how ajax (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) works and how to use it from a web developers standpoint. Ever wonder how things like G-Talk work? they don’t reload the page or use Iframes and yet they always appear to have the data thats coming in instantly. It acomplishes this using ajax. […]

Shaastra ’06


Shaastra 2006, this years edition of the IIT-M – technical festival is cooking already.  Like the previously mentioned Techfest ’06 (IIT-B) and Techkriti ’06 (IIT-K), Shaastra is the Chennai version of the Geek’s hang out. Shaastra is the annual technical festival of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. True to its name, Shaastra (signifying ‘science’) […]

Picture cloud is a site, which allows you to stictch many sequencial photos into one 3-d objects and integrate it to any site/blog/homepage. A picture cloud is a 3D object, shown on the web as we see it in the real world.In simple terms, a picture cloud replaces your still photo with one that spins […]

Links 19/5/2006


Google has been coming up with some great services lately. Now how does google integrate the existing tools with the new one easily? To answer this you might require a decent knowledge on the google platform. Wikipedia has good article explaimning the platform in which google is established. The article is only an overview and […]

Google uses the font catull to make its logos and stuff. The font is on sale at for a wooping $99. But here is a neat tutorial which will enable you to make your own google fonts in three steps using the Photoshop. Start a new document by pressing CTRL + N make it […]

Windows Media Player 11 beta version targeted to Win XP users is out for the grab. The beta is sleek with black skin and puts most of the previous version complaints to rest. Some of the new features included are Album Art (Finally taking a tip or two from iTunes), a new dimension into categorizing […]

Google notebooks is live. The scribble pad lets you organize your browsing information all in a simple catalogue manner. Firefox users can get the google notebook extension and setup their google notebook. A lightweight extension on the right corner of your browser. You can fill links, images, text snippets and just about anything into the […]