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Ajax Repository


Shreyas at Chrono Tron has a brilliant repository of Ajax tutorials. If you have no clue about Ajax/planning to learn Ajax/newbie to Ajax, this is the place to get started. Why learn Ajax? Well you know the difference between Gmail and Hotmail. Gmail is quick and the sites open up on the fly unlike Hotmail. […]

  Webaroo is a new software that stores whole websites on your computer. It's like the make available offline feature of IE. But it implements an algorithm that scans all sites that you select and then saves them in the hard drive. It then has the option of searching within the sites  stored on your […]

Yahoo Pops


Yahoo pop is a free software which can be downloaded for free from SourceForge. The software was developed by Shyam and Anuj Seth and finds its application in many fields including mail syncing. YPOPs! is an application that provides POP3 access to Yahoo! Mail. It is available o­n the Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac platforms. […]

Simply Google


Simply google is a site dedicated to give its users all of google at one place. The site at first site doesnt fall light on your eyes, but you will learn to love it after a few times of usage. It also lists the google pranks of the past years. I wasnt even aware of […]

Google Calendars is a one stop space for all your needs for a planner. Its simple, its beautiful and its effecient. Like google style, this one too uses extensive Ajax and is a beta. Almost all the features are present inthis daily/monthly and yearly planner/calendar. What makes it interesting is that, there is also an […]

The day kick started with a wonderful session on Microsoft Word 2007. Pratul who happenes to be a third year student of Computer Science Engineering, Jeppier College is a Microsoft student champ (I will join the community when I am in my third year). Being a Student Champ of Microsoft he almost gets every info […]

Close to afternoon an interesting session on News 2.0 was presented by Arjun Ram at the BarCamp. Arjun is at present working on – Desh-Videsh-Sandesh. Taazza is a news aggregation service, meant for the Indian juntha, which is way ahead of (currently the most popular indianized news aggregation service). Most of us use […]

BarCamp Chennai flagged off in the morning as planned. Nice sturdy tags were provided for the participants. The sessions kicked off on time. Ganesh Padmanabhan of VoiceSnap enlighted the features of VS2 a tool to send voice mails over the net. The audio messages have two parts one VS2 and second VS-lite. VS2 is totally […]

The long wait for previously mentioned BarCamp Chennai is finally coming to an end as the event unfolds tommorow at Ramanujam Computing center, Anna University. The two day event (8th and 9th of April, 2006) promises a lot of fun and a good learning and social networking bed for techies all around South India. A […]

So, you want to spoof mail? It may or may not be as difficult as you think it is. There are many ways of spoofing a mail. We shall discuss the two most often used method. The easy one: Google Homepage is introducing a lot of widgets, one of them is the mini mail service, […]