Yahoo on TV


yahoo goYahoo! Go for tv beta is a service that Yahoo offers to view your yahoo web content on your TV. Flickr images, online photo albums, videos, latest trailers, music, LAUNCHcast and you can even record your favorite TV shows in your DVR for future viewing.

Now you can take Yahoo! off your computer and put it in your living room for everyone to see. View photos, search for video clips and watch movie trailers on your TV. Plus, your own digital video recorder (DVR) lets you record and watch your favorite shows anytime for free.
Be part of the Yahoo! Go for TV Beta!

Yahoo! Go is a suite of products and services for your mobile phone, TV, and PC that lets you get the information and content that is important to you on a variety of devices. Products and services are currently available for your mobile phone and TV; check in the coming months for new Yahoo! Go products for your desktop.

Yahoo! Go for TV brings the best of Yahoo! to your TV. You can access your own pictures from Yahoo! Photos, watch the latest movie trailers, listen to a full library of music from LAUNCHcast®, view your favorite music videos in stereo, and more. See the complete list of features in Yahoo! Go for TV.

You can download the Yahoo! Go for TV beta release at  It is currently available inside the U.S. only, for Windows-based systems. Its free.

Yahoo! Go

2 Responses to “Yahoo on TV”

  1. Oh too bad I’m not from US, I wanna try that new service!

  2. ja sam jure

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