Organize your own Unconference


BarCamp Bangalore kick started today. The general topic of discussion is the Web 2.0. Now what makes these BarCamps interesting? The style in which its conducted. Unconference!!!

In a previously post on BarCamp Channai edition, we had discussed why Unconference works. So if you are going to organize a seminar/fest/conference then consider again. You might want to have it the Unconference way. Simply beacuse its easy and more effective. Amit Gupta and Amit Ranjan make life easy for us by giving a detailed autopsy on how to organize an unconference in your city.  

Do check it out. Who doesn't want to have a geek camp where people don't snore?

Nuts and Bolts of Unconferencing[Amit Gupta]
Dummy's guide to organizing a barcamp in your city [Amit Ranjan]

2 Responses to “Organize your own Unconference”

  1. thank you for your interesting post 😉

  2. thanks guys

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