Create your own Google Homepage Modules


The number of modules at google homepage keeps increasing everyday. Ever wanted to create your own modules for the Google Home Page ( Ever wanted to play your favorite games like pool, solitair etc. at Google Homepage and couldn't find the module? Google provides its API code along with a detailed tutorial on how to create your own modules and publish them so that the whole world can enjoy your hard work.  

The Google Homepage API is our effort to open the Google homepage to developers. Use it to turn your web content or application into modules that users can add to their personalized homepage. You can also develop features that affect other aspects of the page, such as font and color schemes.

The Homepage API doesn't require any downloads, and was designed to be flexible and easy to use. So go ahead and rig up some modules. These tutorials help put up thrid party modules along with google's, very own, modules.

Google Homepage tutorials 

Google Homepage API

4 Responses to “Create your own Google Homepage Modules”

  1. Google IG is definitely a fantastic product for light users. For heavy users Pageflakes and Netvibes rock!

  2. Ah yes. Agreed. Why dont you make a module for Chrono Tron at Google Ig or netvibes…

  3. 3 vlad

    My gogle

  1. 1 talk blackjack

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