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The number of modules at google homepage keeps increasing everyday. Ever wanted to create your own modules for the Google Home Page ( Ever wanted to play your favorite games like pool, solitair etc. at Google Homepage and couldn't find the module? Google provides its API code along with a detailed tutorial on how to […]

BarCamp Bangalore kick started today. The general topic of discussion is the Web 2.0. Now what makes these BarCamps interesting? The style in which its conducted. Unconference!!! In a previously post on BarCamp Channai edition, we had discussed why Unconference works. So if you are going to organize a seminar/fest/conference then consider again. You might […]

The Google Summer of Code (SOC) 2006 is here. This year even bigger and better. SOC helps student developers all around the world to come up with their own projects which will be funded by google. It gets better with free software, open source code and mentoring compaies which include the likes of Python, GNU […]

Ajax Repository


Shreyas at Chrono Tron has a brilliant repository of Ajax tutorials. If you have no clue about Ajax/planning to learn Ajax/newbie to Ajax, this is the place to get started. Why learn Ajax? Well you know the difference between Gmail and Hotmail. Gmail is quick and the sites open up on the fly unlike Hotmail. […]