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The Embassy of Japan and the Consulates-General of Japan in Kolkatta, Chennai and Mumbai have started accepting applications from Indian youths for the 2006 Japan Exchange and Teaching programme. The ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan has decided to expand the programme in India. The program invites university graduates from overseas to participate in international […]

MakeZine forums has an article on how to get Skype into your iPod. The eight step method doesnt require you to have any special skill. Its so easy even a kid can do it. Now you wouldn’t want to run a portable app in your iPod though it has tons of gb storage space, but […]

Instructables has a brilliant step by step project on ‘Do It Yourself (DIY) Laptop Cooler’. The instructions are detailed with loads of pictures to help you step by step to make your own very cheap laptop coolers. All the components required can be found at your local hardware and electricals shop. Mostly laptop users bicker […]

Labelr is a service which lets you organize your blogger post. One of the important reasons why I shifted to wordpress from blogger was because of the lack of a feature to tag/categorize the posts. Categories make life a lot easier. Blogger is my favorite blogging application, partly because of their good looking templates, partly […] has a good article on ” How to build your own wireless receiver and transmitter device? Use RF in your next embedded application design!” The article also explains the coding part of the rf kit. A link to download the whole project is also given. The RF pair is very small and is very […]

In just 6 months on the web, Instructables is now by far the most popular site for showing how you make stuff. Want to show the world how you made your next project? Instructable-ize it! Now the good stuff – They’re having an Instructables Project Contest! There are lots of awards and prizes. The contest […]

Showcase 2006


Department of computer science and automation at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Banglore is organizing a 2 day event called ‘Showcase 2006’. Many interesting events including the usuals like Bag the bugs (Debugging faulty codes), SofTex (Software carnival), Illumination (Digital art) have been scheduled under the In-house category. Triathalon seems to be a really innovative […]

After it’s run-away success in NewYork, Los Angeles, Austin and Delhi, BarCamp is scheduled to be held at Chennai on the 8th and 9th of April this year (Weekend) BarCamp is an ad-hoc un-conference born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, […]

Hi!!, just downloaded mustang beta. Have to try it. You can also download it here. There are a lot of cool features introduced with this. Read more about it here. It says there are improvements in UI too; and during the Sun Tech Days, they told that support was being added for Vista UI too. […] knowledge solutions is going to conduct a robotics workshop for the budding robotics enthusiasts. The workshop is certified and you will get a International Certification signed by some big names. The course involves making of a robot from scratch. During the workshop you will be exposed to programming in 8051 Microcontroller. At the end […]