FireFox Flicks : Ad Contest


firefox flicks ad contest

FireFox is holding a competition where you are required to create a 30-second ad, animation/live action, that brings Firefox to life. The idea is to spread firefox around the world to the millions who are still unaware of this marvelous browser.

If after watching your A, the audience is intrigued enough to download and use firefox, you are sure to win the prize.

After watching the ad, the audience should be intrigued enough by Firefox to visit to learn more.

Entries must be submitted no later than midnight, April 14th, 2006.

Prizes include Alienware DHS 5 media center PC, a 9X Media X-Top Triple LCD scalable ergonomic Multi Screen Display, integrating 3 19″ SlimLine tiling LCDs, $5,000 in gift certificates to B&H and a lot more.

More InformationContest overview:

Contest blog:

Official Rules:


Technical details for submissions:



Firefox backgrounder:

FireFox Flicks [Tipped by Varun Suresh!]

3 Responses to “FireFox Flicks : Ad Contest”

  1. Wonderful blog here… loved to read about the wireless stuff and robotics

  2. Thank you dexter. I liked your Blog too.

  3. 3 accordianmonster

    i wish the 9x Media nonsense had been substituted for the CineMassive Displays correlate

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