Huge List of Free Webspace


A free service, Blogthing lets you easily set up your own blog. Powered by the popular WordPress system, Blogthing offers lots of features, including free hosting, multiple template designs, free subdomains, and more.


One of the best free Web hosters that we’ve seen yet, ZeroCatch offers you 100 megs of space. This banner-ad supported hoster has speedy, reliable servers. Features here include FTP support, site promotion and more. If you’re looking for an added draw for your site, check out their “partnership” program, which lets you become a free Web space provider yourself.
A solid free Web space provider, offers you 150 megabytes of space, unlimited bandwidth, and free subdomains. Here, you upload your files using FTP, or via their online EasyUpload utility. also offers a number of free enhancements for your site, such as a guestbook and a message board.
A solid, free, ad-supported Web hosting service, gives you 100 megs of space, along with site promotion and enhancement tools. You can use either their Web-based file manager, or an FTP client, to upload your files.
Stake your claim at this major free Web space provider that uses a city theme. Some people will probably find this concept appealing; others are annoyed by it, judging from our feedback. Fortune offers 20 megs of space and they’ve added subdirectory support, making it easier to manage your files.

The second largest free Web page service (after Yahoo! GeoCities), Tripod gives its members a choice between pop-up ads and embedded ads. You get 20 megabytes of space for your site at this service, which now has over 4 million members and which is owned by search portal Lycos. Here, you have two options: if you’re a beginner, you can use the “Quickpage” option if you want Tripod to write your page’s coding. If you know HTML coding, you can do it yourself through the “Custom” option.

  • Tripod offers support for Microsoft FrontPage extensions, which means that if you own this commercial Web authoring package, you have more flexibility in what you can do with your site, (such as the ability to easily add text searches). However, we’ve had a number of complaints that Tripod’s FrontPage server is slow and buggy.

Yahoo! GeoCities
A part of search portal Yahoo’s empire, GeoCities is the Web’s largest free space provider, with over 5 million “Homesteaders.” An ad-supported service, GeoCities offers you 15 megabytes of space and 3 gigabytes of data transfer (bandwidth) per month. You start out by staking your claim in a GeoCities “neighborhood” that offers pages with similar themes to yours. You submit an application and are given a password for use in creating your Web site. You may then use the “Yahoo! PageBuilder” utility here to create your home page.

  • Like many Web hosters, Yahoo! GeoCities is heavily promoting its premium commercial services these days. However, free hosting is still available here (just look for the “get started with a free GeoCities home page” text link).
  • GeoCities has eliminated the problem of its once-cumbersome, lengthy URLs via an improved naming scheme, which means that you can have a shorter URL, such as
  • Some of our visitors report periodic access woes here. A number of complaints have also been posted on Yahoo! GeoCities’ message boards lately about vanishing pages. We’ve also had complaints that support is difficult to obtain. However, other visitors report that assistance is readily available through the service’s “Community Leaders,” who may be reached via E-mail or ICQ.

This free Web hosting service offers five megs of space, along with FTP access, and doesn’t pester your visitors with banner ads or popups. To access the free hosting service here, click the “free sign up” link near the top of the page.
(Note: this site has temporarily halted accepting new free hosting accounts). A free Web hosting service that gives you 15 megs of space (and, in a refreshing change of pace, does not place ads on your pages). also offers a number of useful features, including FTP uploads, full CGI access, SSI support, PHP4 support, 2-meg MySQL access, stats and more.
(This service has temporarily halted accepting applications to its free hosting service). A fully featured Web hoster that offers a generous 100 megabytes of space. You can either upload your existing site to this service or create a new site with their online templates. They also offer features like FTP access, form mail, a forum, guestbook, free E-mail support and more.

Internet Trash
(Note: this service is no longer offering free hosting). Unlike many Web host providers, which place restrictions on content, these guys say they welcome offensive, tasteless, useless, trashy, crude, rude, lewd, etc. content. (However, no adult content is allowed). Here, you get 20 megabytes of space and FTP access.

(Note: this service is no longer free, but a 30-day trial is available). A major, speedy Web hoster and free graphics provider, offers users a trial account that gives you four Web pages, with 10 megabytes of storage space, and a choice of up to 10 template design styles. It’s fairly easy to create professional-looking pages here and they offer a nice variety of graphics for use on your pages. Technical support here is above average, our visitors report. (Note: they place ad banners on all user’s pages).

A major free Web space provider that is owned by search portal Lycos, Angelfire offers 20 megabytes of space and supports FrontPage extensions. You may advertise your business here, but you may not have paid advertising banners on your page. Angelfire offers lots of helpful advice for getting you up and running with your own Web site, even if you’re new to Web site authoring.

WebSpawner is a free online Web authoring system that lets you design and develop customized Web pages in a matter of minutes – without having to learn HTML.

This free Web space provider offers a generous package. Here, you get 50 megs of Web space, an FTP account and CGI access. ProHosting also offers an online site creation utility and customer support via E-mail.

A Czech free Web page provider that offers 250 kilobytes of space.

A Danish free Web space provider. They provide 300 kilobytes of space, with no CGI. You must place their banner on your index page. Your URL here will be

This service is hosting free Web pages for Portuguese-speaking people across the world. It is sponsored by the Portuguese Ministry of Culture. Users are allowed up to seven megs of space and file uploading can be done either via FTP or from your browser. No porn allowed.

Host Department
This free Web hosting service offers you 100 megs of space, a choice of domains, and unlimited traffic. Unlike most free services of this kind, Host Department doesn’t place banner ads on your pages. This service also offers several free enhancements for your site, including a guestbook, a message board and online forms, as well as full FTP access.

  • Host Department now offers advanced site creation software with its free hosting accounts, which you can use to create professional-looking pages, Flash enabled sites, etc.
This is a solid, free Web hosting service that includes a lot of helpful features. An ad-supported service, gives you 150 megs of space and your own subdomain. Other features include direct FTP access, a guestbook, a message board, form mail and lots more.
Here’s a free, banner-supported Web hosting service that offers you 100 megs of space, along with FTP support, site promotion, and speedy servers.
At this site, you can sign up for a free Web hosting account that offers 250 megs of space. Here, no ads are placed on your pages and you can access your account either via FTP or your browser. Accounts are available instantly with no registration required.

A free Web space provider from Taiwan. They provide you with 6 megs of Web space and free POP3 E-mail. You also get free clip art and CGI scripts (which they provide). Note: you must put their logo on your page.
This free Web hosting service offers 200 megs of space and 5 gigs of bandwidth, as well as domain and subdomain hosting. places no banners or popup ads on your pages. The service gives you FTP access and has PHP and MySQL support, as well as other handy features.
Are you searching for a free Web hosting service? This directory lets you easily find a free Web hoster that fits your requirements. You can search over 360 hosters for specific features, including amount of space offered, bandwidth, databases, scripts allowed, and more.
Here’s a versatile free Web hoster that features domain and subdomain hosting. This service offers “unlimited” Web space and bandwidth and high-traffic sites are eligible for a free domain. Here, you get free FTP access, PHP/MySQL support and more.
This is a free Web hosting service that offers a generous 95 megs of space, as well as FTP access. does not place ad banners on your pages. The service offers many tools for building and managing your site.
This is a free Web hosting service that offers you 5 gigs of bandwidth, and a free subdomain. Features here include FTP and cPanel access and PHP/CGI support. Accounts include a message board and guestbook.
A fast-growing free Web hosting service that offers a generous 250 megs of space, as well as top-notch tech support. features an easy-to-use Web-based account manager, as well as FTP access. This service is MSN TV-friendly.
Are you looking for free Web space? This regularly-updated directory lists over 800 free hosting services on the Web. offers reviews, ratings and a searchable database.
This helpful directory offers a nice roundup of free hosting services on the Web. Here, you’ll also find listings for commercial hosters, as well as other hosting-related services, such as free domain names and URL hosting services.
A speedy, solid free hosting service which offers 20 megabytes of Web space for your personal or commercial Web site. lets you use your own domain name or you may choose from among 12 virtual domains. Here, you get full FTP access, as well as an easy-to-use Web-based file manager. Other features include unlimited E-mail addresses, a guestbook, counter, templates and more. Excellent tech support is provided via E-mail.
A reliable free Web hosting service that offers 100 megs of storage and 5,000 megs of bandwidth per month. features PHP and MySQL support, FTP access, and more.
This free, ad-supported service lets you set up your own portal, complete with features like Web logs, photo galleries, contact lists, announcements, news feeds and more. You also have the option of using your own domain name for your portal at no extra cost.
At this free Web hosting service, you get 125 megs of space and unlimited bandwidth. Here, no banner ads are placed on your pages. offers free subdomains and FTP access. Adult content is permitted.

Free Web Hosting Search
This search engine can help you find a free Web hosting service that fits your needs. Here, you can search by specific features, including ASP, PHP, CGI, MySQL, and more. This site also includes details about the pros and cons of each service.
A speedy free Web hosting service that gives you 100 megs of space and your choice of FTP or browser upload access. Here, you also get free site stats, site promotion help, and your own subdomain address.
This free Web hosting service gives you 15 megs of space and 500 megs of monthly bandwidth. An added plus is that does not place banner ads or popups on your pages. Your site address here will be:
Looking for free hosting for your Web site? This searchable directory offers a good roundup of various free hosters across the Net, along with detailed listings of each service.

Best Free Web Space
This Web space directory offers reviews, descriptions, and ratings of over 100 free hosting companies on the Web, along with a searchable database.
This free Web hosting service offers 100 megs of space, unlimited bandwidth and instant account activation. Features here include Microsoft Access database support; Active Server Pages (ASP) and 24-hour tech support.
Here’s a good resource if you’re looking for free Web hosting. This site offers a searchable database with reviews of over 200 free hosting services on the Web. The categories here round up hosters by the specific services they offer, including ASP, PHP, domain hosting and more.

A free image hosting service, ImageUploads is easy to use and allows hotlinking. This service is handy for posting pictures on Web sites, forums, eBay auctions, etc. Supported image formats include GIF, JPG and SWF.
Looking for a free Web hosting service? This handy directory offers reviews of over 400 free hosters across the Web. The site also features a roundup of free Webmaster services, such as Web page templates, URL redirection services, counters, hosted CGI scripts, graphics and more.

Would you like to publish on the Web, but don’t want the hassle of having to set up a Web site? Then you should explore Blogger, a free online tool that lets you post content on the Web instantly. Blogger, a popular service owned by the search engine Google, lets you quickly and easily set up a custom “blog” (short for “Web log”).

At this site, you can easily set up your own blog, online journal, or photolog, for free. offers lots of features including free templates and RSS site feeds and there are no annoying ads or popups to pester your visitors.


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