Vedic Math in CD


Final year students and pre-final year students who are preparing for their campus interviews can make good use of a new product released recently by Mr.Prabhakaran. Before attending any placement HR, you have to go through an aptitude test, where you arent allowed to use a calculator. The problems however involve big numbers and consume most of your precious time.

Mr. Prabhakaran’s “Vedic maths made simple” is a 2 cd package which is a self tutor, trains you to solve arithmetic faster than a calculator. The CD is interactive and promises to help a lot of students.

The package is priced at Rs.699 and available at Landmark, Chennai. But then, for BotHack readers, you can call up Mr. Prabhakaran at 42142118 and avail a discount of 40 percent. So you only have to pay Rs. 395 (approx $7).

Now a Vedic mathematics book costs you around Rs.225 and is tough to understand and practise with. At an additional Rs.170 you can have interactive tests, and graphical and easier approach to the Vedic Math.

This package can also be used by people working on their GMAT, CAT etc.

3 Responses to “Vedic Math in CD”

  1. 1 Vinay S Hate

    will you help me to find tutor in mumbai for vedic maths



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