Voice mail for bloggers and sites


odeo voice mailHere is a nifty tool/service that lets you incorporate voice mail service into your blog/site/page and just about anywhere. It’s simple.

1. Create a user account on Odeo.

2. Now click the Odeo “Send Me A Message” Buttons menu.

3. There are tons of button styles to choose from. Just select one and copy-paste the HTML code in your blog template or website.

There’s even a better option. You can embed the Odeo functionality in your blog without asking your visitors to open another window.

The service is for free and the registration takes 10 seconds! (literally. By far the shortest sign up form I have come across). The “embed the Odeo” feature uses iframe, therefore it cant be used in WordPress. But is supported by blogger, Xanga, moveable, myspace and other blogging platforms.

What is even more exciting is that, the recording and sending is super quick. I was amazed at how quickly my 20 second audio got sent in just the same second I clicked send. You can also play your audio before sending it and scrap it if it’s not good. There is also an option for you to write additional comment to accompany your voice mail.

Odeo – Voice Mail
Odeo – Register

3 Responses to “Voice mail for bloggers and sites”

  1. Put it up a few days back, and it’s really cool. By the way, you haven’t added, but you can receive the replies by mail and RSS. so basically you could list all the comments on your blog, for a discussion of sorts.

    One thing still troubles me is that how would they ever figure out a way to kill spam there. Will take its due time I guess, but amazing thing nonetheless.

  2. Sudhanshu,
    The spam bit is scary. But I hope people will grow up…

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