Flickr addict’s fix


Flickr is the best photo sharing site. Here is a list of stuff/sites where you can enhance your experience with Flickr. The Great Flickr Tools Collection a site dedicated for flickr tools, with most of the cool tools available for Flickr doesnt have some of these links in it.

Choose a friendly photostream URL.

When you first register for Flickr, at first the web address for your Flickr photos is something like this:

Which isn’t very easy to remember or share. You can set up a “friendly�? photostream URL which will look more like:

Do be careful, though, once you choose your friendly Flickr URL for your photostream, you cannot change it.

fd’s Flickr Toys

Must haves – Helping you do fun things with your digital camera since 2005. 😉

Fastr – a Flickr game

Fastr is a game that uses flickr images. It loads ten images that all share a common tag, one by one, and you guess what the tag is.

Flickr blog

News, offsite status and great photos daily.

Spell With Flickr

Use flickr to spell things out.


This site lets you subscribe to a photo page, getting email notifications whenever new images are added. You can subscribe anyone to your photo page by sending them a Notifyr link.

Flickr Related Tag Browser

View Flickr tags based on clustered usage analysis.


Draw a simple image online, and Retrievr attempts to find matching images on Flickr.

Social photo bookmarking: search similar images, tag, rate and get recommendations


Flickrzen spotlights exceptional photographs, be that subject, technique or rarity, found on flickr

Search Flickr tags

Search Flickr tags

Top 10 Ways to Find Great Photos on Flickr

Well the link says it all. Nice techinques, that you would love knowing.

FlickrNation is the home for the FlickrNation podcast and news about Flickr


Blurvision spotlights photographs from the Burvision group on flickr

Geek to Live: Flickr Advanced User Guide

Pretty advanced stuff, for the geek in you. Also teaches you how to make your own flickr applications.

Top 10 Tips for Getting Attention on Flickr

Again the link says it all. For all you budding photographers, here is your shot.

Ten Best Flickr Mashups

Webmonkey – Ten Best Flickr Mashups by Michael Calore


ZoneTag Highlights

Two-click upload to Flickr Get your photos uploaded to Flickr in merely two clicks. No more searching for your photo to MMS to your friends or copying them to your computer first.

Find your photos by location ZoneTag can automatically tag your photos with the location they were taken at.

Real-time privacy controls You can specify on your phone who sees each photo you upload. You can also choose if you want location tags added to each photo.

Real-time tagging You can tag your photos on your cameraphone as you take them.

Easy setup Your first photo will be on Flickr in five minutes. We’ll take you through our quick and easy setup step-by-step.

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