DIY: A Tiny Wireless Motion Sensor


tiny wireless motion sensorYou have got to check this out to believe it. Nathan has designed his own wireless motion sensor which is pretty tiny. The best part is he has now put up the tutorials on how you can make one for yourself in a lazy afternoon with loads of pictures and pointers. This increases the possibility of the super spy in all of us.

This time, I wanted to create a gadget for the super-spy in all of us. I’ll say right up front – I know this device isn’t useful in the everyday, law-abiding lifestyle we all practice during the day. But I made it anyway.

The idea was to put together a movie spy-gadget grade device both on the cheap and very small. Usually the gadgets you see in movies are fictionally created by well-funded government agencies with top scientists. It’s not all Hollywood magic – you too can create fun spy gadgets without needing to break the bank!

This is definitly a project you woudlnt want to miss. So check it out.

A tiny wireless motion sensor

6 Responses to “DIY: A Tiny Wireless Motion Sensor”

  1. Great job guys… Thank for you work…

  2. 2 gordon

    Great job guys…

  3. great job really great post 😉

  4. 4 mar

    hey. i currently doing a project on sensor and have no idea. can u please tell me in details on the components used. do email me back. thanks. Badly need your help.

  5. hi everyone

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