Showcase 2006


showcaseDepartment of computer science and automation at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Banglore is organizing a 2 day event called ‘Showcase 2006’. Many interesting events including the usuals like Bag the bugs (Debugging faulty codes), SofTex (Software carnival), Illumination (Digital art) have been scheduled under the In-house category. Triathalon seems to be a really innovative event (maybe first of its kind), targetting the digital all rounders.

The annual technical symposium of CSA promotes the visibility of computer science among the public in general, and the student community in particular. The primary objective of Showcase is the exhibition of research and project work pursued in the department and creating awareness among the people about recent trends in Computer Science.

For those who dont want to travel the distance or are short of OD (on duty certificates) can take part in  the bunch of online events (OL category) which takes place during march 23rd-31st. The online events include gold rush (treasure hunt event very similar to what NIT warangal had organised), Spot the geeks (Touring machine), Bits ‘n’ bytes (Coding) and the duel (where you have to code a robot to fight it out with the other robots). Showcase 06, sure, promises to be a crowd puller and a major festival. Special security measures will be deployed so as to ensure your safety.
Pre-registration for all events is compulsory. Last day for registration is the 31st of March. the in-house events take place during April 1st and 2nd. Big money, big names, big events, the ones you wouldnt want to miss.

Showcase 2006 [Tipped by Kunal Jain]

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  5. Any day maan! Your blog rocks… and deserves to be publicised… I m doing my lil’ bit to help the cause…

  6. There are no words for me to give a warm thanks to your above statements.

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