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writeNow, the power of blogging is just a single click away with the BlogEverywhere blogbar. The BlogEverywhere blogbar lets you read and write blogs on any web site, search the web using your favorite search engine, block pop-up ads, zoom in/out on any web page and highlight keywords.

Sabeer Bhatia the person behind Emails (creater of hotmail), has bought about this new concept where using the toolbar you get maximum functionality in the world of blogging. Mind you its not a addon for your existing blogging services. It’s a bloggign service by itself. Using the read/write buttons on the toolbar you can quickly open up a fram in your browser and write a quick blog post and publish it. This post will be on the top list of recent posts which can be viewed by clicking the read button. You will also see the other posts published recently along with your posts. You can rate the other posts.

The whole service is customizable. You can edit the number of posts you want to see, subsrcibe to rss feeds and rate other posts. This way you dont have to worry about readership to your blogs.

The highlight however is the ‘CC blog’ which automatically posts the blog you wrote on to other popular blogging websites. So you dong have to go updating your other blogs with the same posts. Now who doesnt want extra publicity for the same work.

The blogbar is available only for IE. The firefox version is cooking right now.

Blog Every Where

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