Archive for March 7th, 2006

Hi! people, i have been hearing that a web browser in VB.NET takes 6 lines of code. How much lines of code do you think it would be in java?? Well, it takes just 3 lines of code. If you come back to me saying that it takes lot of pain to create the necessary […]

Here is a DIY easy tutorial on how to make your own ‘Cricket Robot’. The tutorial also includes the Basic Stamp programming and other required programs. Cricket is an autonomous robot that walks around by moving all six legs using three motors. He avoids objects when touched by the feelers, chirps randomly, and blinks his […]

If you are looking forward to PodCasting or have already taken to Pod-Casting, here is a free magazine, Podcast User, that you will not want to miss. Instead of going for O’Reilly’s Podcasting books, this could be a wonderful alternative. For one it is free and two it is a magazine and gives you the […]

“Church of Customer” Blog has an article on “ten reasons why YouTube is far better than Google Videos any day”. Some of the points listed there surprised me and the rest was pretty much what I was acquited with. 1. YouTube was constructed with a community in mind. Its interface tools, such as tagging, a […]

Now, the power of blogging is just a single click away with the BlogEverywhere blogbar. The BlogEverywhere blogbar lets you read and write blogs on any web site, search the web using your favorite search engine, block pop-up ads, zoom in/out on any web page and highlight keywords. Sabeer Bhatia the person behind Emails (creater […]