Archive for March 5th, 2006

‘Ten Simple Security searches that work’ is the seventh chapter of the book Google Hacking, which is being offered for free on ‘The Ethical Hacker Network’ site. The techniques described there look simple, but are very powerful in use. Using those ten techniques you can yourself check the strength of security of your website/blog/page etc. […]

Here is a neat DIY light box/light tent photo box. The materials required to build this cheap light box, can be found in any local hardware store. The major component of the construction being PVC tubes and PVC joints that can be found almost anywhere (sometimes even for free at construction sites). The project will […]

‘Just Show Me how to’ is a video how-to store which promises a lot of interesting how to videos on taking great pictures, using your camera and finding a camera that suites you. The site also provides you with a free video of the week, which you can watch on their site itself for free, […]