Nuvvo Free On-Demand eLearning



Do you look forward to teach a group of students, but are unable to find the right kind of student for your course. Put your worries to rest. Nuvvo can help you out.

Whether you’re a K-12 teacher, a corporate trainer, a university professor, or an amateur who knows baseball cards inside out, Nuvvo can help you reach students all over the world.

It takes minutes to create an account. No sales people to deal with. No servers to purchase. No software to install. Nothing to buy whatsoever! You’re up and running almost instantly with your own LMS. You get your own unique URL where you can upload your course material, timings, multimedia files and easily costumize them. Nuvvo is very flexible and provids you with excelent features to interact with your students over the net.

And if you cant teach, you can always take a few courses (very interesting) offered by fellow Nuvvo users.

By default, courses are FREE for students. However, you have the option of charging students for access to their courses using integrated e-commerce:. But if you are charging the students for your course, you will have to pay up 8% of your proceeds to Nuvvo (A nice way to make money and get some experience in handling a group of students).

Nuvvo Free On-Demand eLearning

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