Hacking Lessons with Certificate


hackingWant to learn hacking? Want to be Personally trained and certified by world renowned author and computer security guru Ankit Fadia? Want to be recognized for your computer security expertise? Want to be considered amongst the best security gurus in the world? Want to climb up the career ladder and improve your global job prospects? Want to become an ANKIT FADIA CERTIFIED ETHICAL HACKER? If your answer to any of the above questions is a yes, then you have come to the RIGHT PLACE! To catch a criminal, even YOU have to start thinking like a criminal.

India’s first computer security training and certification program called ANKIT FADIA CERTIFIED ETHICAL HACKER is available across 110 cities in India at over 220 Reliance WebWorld outlets. Even YOU can hack!

Registration is now OPEN for the April 06 and June 06 batches of the Ankit Fadia Certified Ethical Hacker training and certification program at 110 cities across India. Registration Deadline for both batches is April 10, 2006. LIMITED SEATS ONLY. More than a 1000 participants have already preregistered. Register yourself TODAY at the nearest Reliance WebWorld and become an Ankit Fadia Certified Ethical Hacker. For more information on topics, schedule, registration process and benefits of the course, visit www.ankitfadiacertified.com.

An ANKIT FADIA CERTIFIED ETHCAL HACKER is a computer security specialist who has insights on the science of ethical hacking, knows how to discover loopholes in target systems and is able to setup security systems to counter the computer criminals. Professionals who undergo this training and certification program will have the necessary knowledge required to administer security solutions to companies and individuals by making computer networks secure.

SPECIAL OFFER!!! Register for this program now and get Ankit Fadia\’s 6 internationally bestsellers worth Rs. 1370 absolutely FREE when you attend the program. See attachment.


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Registration Instructions
Course Centers

46 Responses to “Hacking Lessons with Certificate”

  1. 1 snehal

    Dear SIr/Madom,
    i want some material/stuff/videos of Ankit Fadia,
    Thank YOu!!!

  2. 2 besi

    nsDKNk kSFNKSkn skdfkks ks k K FKS K

  3. 3 besi

    HI EVERYONE. actually im really interesting in this subject if u can help me……,
    thnx for evr

  4. 4 Stuart Eld

    Could you please e-mail your fees.
    Regards, Stuart

  5. 5 PsyFilth

    hello…right now…if you have any videos or usefull information please e-mail me…i look forword on learning this thing..


  6. 6 Pravin Kedari

    Hi..!I want to know duration of course i.e.in how many days all this syllabus metioned will be finished.And what type of study we have to do for this course.
    Also want to know about fee Datils.
    Thank you.!!!

  7. 7 kumar

    intresting & intresed send more information

  8. 8 manoj

    could you tell me yours center in delhi and their fee structure

  9. 9 rithysen

    Dear Sir or Madam!

    I am interested in this very much…
    Could you please tell me the thing?

    thanks in advance for you help.. oh i am in
    cambodia angkor wat…

    best wish

  10. 10 amish

    i am s/w engineer working in Syntel inc.
    i would like to understand all this concept of hacking.

    tell me about the courses and fees also about the bach-location

  11. 11 triven kumar


  12. 12 Shadowx3

    I need to get this hack thing down so please show me how

  13. 13 asim shaikh

    i want to enter your coarse

  14. 14 Dija

    Hi. I want to know duration of course i.e.in how many days( and hrs). And About your next batch
    Thank you.!!!

  15. 15 LA

    hi, how r things?
    do u have some kind of a video or web site that might help me start hacking or at least know hacking, or can u recommend me some website or program to download that could help?

    anyway tanx alot

  16. 17 vinod

    yes if u have some materials please send.

  17. 18 HelloWorld

    Peace people

    We love you

  18. die bitches

  19. hi,
    i just want to have lessons for being a hacker.


    i want to know about hacking study and it’s scope.

  21. 22 ffdd_1901


  22. 23 Kapil

    Heyyy dude…….

    wanna help 4m u……

    m frd is alwayzzz hackin m……
    he didnt knoe more abt hackin…searchin on net @ hackin..tell m sumting so dat I can shut down his mouth…………..plz rply…….

    waiting 4 ur +ve rply……..

    ur frd.kapil…….

  23. dskajlk;asf

  24. 25 Lilo

    Dear All,
    I dont think that this cource of any use.

  25. 26 Lilo

    this is just for money making

  26. 27 swapnil

    hello ankit sir
    i am very intresting of this hacking field i want to learn by u ..how much fees are taken for cource and how much time take to learn

  27. 28 shrestha

    hello every one if any persone know the tip and trick to hack the other mobile so plz e mail me
    for that i will be very thank full to you

  28. 29 Satish Pawar

    I am very intrested in this Hacking concept. Please guide me!

  29. 30 vaibhav sanap

    i also wnt 2 b a computer hacker will u hlp me

  30. hi, how r things?
    do u have some kind of a video or web site that might help me start hacking or at least know hacking, or can u recommend me some website or program to download that could help?

  31. 32 SHAHIN


  32. 33 coco


  33. 34 atif imran

    dear sir,
    i m really intrested in joining this course..
    please update me with some details of this course. n ya what materials will i be getting during this course.
    r u guys providing the video lessions from ankit himsef.
    so that i can go through later at home too.

  34. Hi,
    I want to learn hacking i have searched whole web for it can anybody help plz conltact me at support@mannboys007.mooo.com

  35. 36 enock dube

    am very interested in this course please contact me on my mail address.

  36. 37 austin

    i am ne wto the world of hackin bt i am very mch facinated by it.. so conquer my thoughts the best way is to learn it..
    plz help me learn it in a gud way..
    mail me 4 the responses to learn to enter the world of hackers(white hat)

  37. 38 Arpit

    i realy want to join ur cource i am from jaipur
    contact me 98290-51767

  38. 39 hitesh

    i m a coll. student n i dont get much time to sit on the net but i want to know what talent you require to learn hacking plz do reply early its neccessary for me

  39. 40 vikas sharma

    i m interested and i want complete information of the course

  40. 41 mihir

    send me da details of the course

  41. i want to be hacker. i want to try my best. if you can help me, email me. my mail is sprizo@gmail.com.

  42. 43 vishnu

    plz let me know abt the fee of this

  43. i will much pleased if you introduce me to computer hacking

  44. i will be very much pleased if you introduce me to computer hacking

  45. Not that I’m impressed a lot, but this is a lot more than I expected for when I stumpled upon a link on Delicious telling that the info is quite decent. Thanks.

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