AXN – The Amazing Race Asia


Ever wonder what it would be like to race against time across countries only with a backpack? Does the thought of journeying through uncharted territory send a shiver of excitement down your spine? How about negotiating a taxi ride using sign language just because the driver doesn’t speak yours? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then you are right person to participate in The Amazing Race Asia.

AXN channel is on the look-out, till March 15, for participants in its programme “The Amazing Race Asia”, the first Asian version of the popular globetrotting reality series “The Amazing Race”. A total of 10 to 12 teams will be selected. Each team will comprise two people with a pre-existing relationship and the participants must be living or working in Asia (excluding Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the Middle East). Participants must be 21 years old, able to speak English, possess a valid driving licence and an international passport. The first pair to cross the finishing line will bag prize money to the tune of $100,000.

How to register? Entry forms can be downloaded from Each completed application form must be submitted along with a video tape of the team to the address stated on the website. All information on the race can be found on as well as individual country websites All enquiries can be addressed to Amazing Race Asia Applications must be submitted by March 15.

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55 Responses to “AXN – The Amazing Race Asia”

  1. axn asia skater team 2nd place

  2. 2 Matty

    y cant ppl from Japan participate

  3. 3 rashmi

    I want to participate in amazing race asia 2007.what i have watched till now i m very exciting and want to participate in it.i wnat to have fun.please if u know when the next season of amazing race asia will start please tell me through mail.or i will see it on your site.dont forget.i m seriously looking forward for it.i m indian living in pune and age 22.

  4. I am a 33 year old male living in chandigarh, north india, ex car rallyist, like to live every moment and enjoy living every moment. what else i can say, want to participate in amazing race asia or any where else, let me in and participate. I will give it my best as a sportperson and aim to win.

  5. 5 pulish

    japan ppl cannot join because they are in asia pacific, not in the central asia

  6. 6 Mavrick

    how do I complete an entry form for the next amazing race and where do I get one , it is today 03/01/2007 pleace let me know …

    geep up the good work gays

  7. 7 Mavrick

    O before I forget can S.A. also join the race or not because I live in Shouth Africa and will love to be on the race to join in the Amazing Race


  8. 8 Sukhrajdeep Singh Dhaliwal

    AXN great

  9. 9 Aditya

    I would like to participate in the race. Pls let me know the details of the immediately next opening for registration.

  10. 10 shivam pandey

    i live in india. i love to be a part of this race as i love adventures.

  11. 11 A.Allirani

    My freind and I have been following this race and we are totaaly captivated by this race. Its amazing and brings out the adrenaline rush in you. We are totally hooked to this race and want to take part in the Amazing race Asia 2007

  12. 12 A.Allirani

    My friend and I are both doctors and love adventure and are looking forward to join this race. As we feel this will cause a change of paradigm in our lives!!

  13. 13 cindy newby

    we are fun, funny, entertaining. we are both ready to leave at a moments notice. everyone thinks we would be great for the amazing race. we are competive with a smile. this is my dream, please help me fullfill this dream. thank you

  14. 14 cindy newby

    help me fill out an application

  15. 15 Donabelle

    i would like to participate in the amazing race 2007.. i would as a Manager for night club in Goa and am pretty keen on going through this challenge..female 25- Goa, India

  16. 16 Donabelle

    i would like to participate in the amazing race 2007.. i work as a Manager for night club in Goa and am pretty keen on going through this challenge..female 25- Goa, India

  17. Me and my room mate are intrested in participating Amazing Race Asia. what are the requiorements.

  18. am looking for a partner for amazing race…

  19. woohoo…malaysian have won

  20. 20 Raud

    hi im 18 and i live in karachi i wanna participate in the race but no information about the race if theres any info plz let me know thanks (Pakistan)

  21. 21 Nabawan

    Iam Intrested in Amazing Race Asia…..but is it true..Winner take the Money that they had been Granted for?????

  22. By profession, I am a Taekwondo Coach and m’very fond of Amazing Race Asia and want to participate in the race 2007,please let me know the details of next opening for the regristration as I can’t wait to take the challenge. (Nagaland,NE-India)

  23. 23 faiz

    hi! Im faiz. Ihave to tell you i would do anything to be in this show.I love amazing race since season one and i belive i have it all to grab the US100,000.Just watch me with my partner…we promise u entertaining couple with lot of screaming and funny characters.and dont forget we both are teachers from rural areas of borneo.Please help us in…

  24. Apa khabar? Hi i’m zack from the beautiful island of Borneo. My friend, Faiz and I are dying to be in this show!We are such an underdog but believe me we have the power to manipulate others with our charms and hairy legs.Dont u wish to hav us in ur show?say hi to rob and amber..

  25. 25 Krishan

    hi we are from sri lanka, and i my friend Manjula really like the show, and we wotched all sesons. We would like to participate in 2007. we think we are ready to race oround the world. so please AXN choose us, becouse we are sport loving. And we belive that this race will change our lives, AXN we are great fans of you.

  26. as i have been watching your race since the programme has started, i it the only programme to explore your self, different people in the race, different places in the race are really exciting, that shows the standered of the programme in good sence to the viewer, i would lieke the amazing race to come to nepal, i even would like to participate in the race
    charles, Nepal

  27. 27 johnben

    hi,i’m from tambunan,sabah,malaysia,..errmm,what else to say”i love the show very much,,,i woul like to join it,but i don’t fill the requirements,,i’m 16,no driving licence,n no passport..but, i’ll wait,until i reach 21,n will be able to join the show,, anyway,i hope axn will at leastwill take 1 team from malaysia.who knows they might win again,,??? lastly,, congrats to zabrina n joe jer// u’re the BEST!!!

  28. hey i m just a fun loving boy want to do something very exicting in life something daring i have to make my name and fame i can do any thing for making money and name thts why people say me stubborn ya i m i do wht i like and just m too daring a chance want only.

  29. 29 s

    Sophie Diaries Ep 1: Beyond the Amazing Race Asia


    in my opinion this race is full of excitement and enjoyment. lots of thrill, action, joy and fun is present in this race.
    i wanna participate in AXN AMAZING RACE. I am 23 young guy living in sec 44 chandigarh. i want to enjoy and face all the challenges of this race and i want to be the part of thrilling action. i hardly miss any episode of amazing race. By participating in this race i want to prove my self and want to show my ability.
    i am so curious to participate so contact me or reply me soon

  31. 31 shalini

    i want to take part in AXN challenge.

  32. 32 shalini

    My dream to take a part in AXN challenge ,because i want to do something diferent but i never get any chance in my i want to prove my self.i m able to do something pls contac me.i want to do something exciting.reply me as soon as possible.

  33. 33 sharique


  34. I think TARA is for Asian residents only

  35. 35 moin ullahbaig

    i m interseted to participate in this program n want to win it plz let me know to b part of it me moin ullahbaig from pakistan

  36. hi
    i was searching for some news on car rallies when i found about your show.i happen to be a professinal women car ralliyst in india. it will be interesting to be a part of your can visit my website for further details.looking forward some reply from your side

  37. 37 Phuong lan

    Hi,i am a 24 years old girls,i am living in Thailand ,i am so excited with this race,how could i participate this progame,please inform me,thank you so much..

  38. gud day!!! juz want to ask how to join…

  39. 39 kiran

    I wanna participate in AXN AMAZING RACE. I am 27 young guy living in chennai (Tamil Nadu – Vellore). I want to have fun and face all the challenges of this race and i want to be the part of thrilling action. I hardly miss any episode of amazing race. By participating in this race i want to prove my self and want to show my ability.I am so curious to participate so i wanna know how can i do it so pls reply me asap pls pls cheers —-kiran

  40. 40 dhaval

    hmmmmmmmm m so excited to turn 21 so that i can join this race m 19 so 2 years to go.. nd am sure i would be there in the race nd would get the 1 million usd

  41. i am very intrested in amazing race asia we are from nagaland we want to have fun in amazing race of asia iam 21 years ok fin buy

  42. 42 rohit

    hie i am rohit from delhi (india). i have a passion and a dream for adventures sports .i have not done before.. i know axn can help me to full fill my bigest dream of my life.please tell how to participate…….thanking you

  43. 43 vemanna

    I am an on & off amazing race fan. I kind of watch it as I am switching channels…. but once it reaches amazing race… my remote stops. I ended up watching it… its amazing… now, how can I register as a participant? I am from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Anyone can contact me at if you know how. Terima Kasih.

  44. 44 tushar

    i want to know when will be the next amazing race ???
    and how to participate?

  45. 45 Vikas

    hi…i’m vikas…i would like to participate in the amazing race…can u send me the details…when the next race is going to start and what r the requirements to participate…

  46. 46 sanju

    can i participate in race and i live in india. i love to be a part of this race as i love adventures.

  47. hi guys i am 22 years old i wanna join amazing race asia where should i get the entry form?and keep up the good work guys.

  48. 48 jojo8882


    when will be the next round of application for amazing race 4. I want to join! 🙂

  49. 49 TsheringP

    hi guys
    I love to watch dis show and would love to participate if given a chance…. I kn i can’t win …. i might be eliminated in the first round but I love adventure and i love the host….I have crush on him ……..

  50. 50 thanoj

    i want to participate in the amazing race asia 4 please tell me the information how i am participate in this competition? pleaseeeeeeeeee

  51. 51 ILA

    send me the application and information about joining the amazing race asia competition

  52. 52 Akmal

    I Like amazing race asia,
    Please do sent me an application!!!
    Cheers …

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    your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and check again
    here frequently. I’m quite certain I will learn many new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

  54. I benefit from browsing your web sites. thnx!

  1. 1 ntoxbtpy

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