Read the best business book of the year online


goitalone‘Go it Alone’ is one of the best business books of the year. Bruce Judson tells you how to quit your job and start your own business. He teachs you the tricks of the trade in this 229 page book. What makes it more fun is that the book is being distributed over his site for free. The chapter wise online version is a good read.

“Using case studies of successful small businesses, Judson (Yale Sch. of Management) lucidly illustrates three key points: a business can be started with minimal capital; does not need employees, especially in the start-up phase; and has unlimited revenue potential. Since the Web offers many services at a reasonable cost, he encourages outsourcing.”

And if you are like me, unable to read books online, you can take print out of the online version of the book or just go buy it over Amazon.

Go It Alone

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  1. 1 online teaching jobs

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