Inside Google


timeThis latest Time issue featuring The Google Guys is an inside look at how success has changed Larry and Sergey’s dream machine. Can they still be the good guys while running a company worth $100 billion?

The Time magazine team, stayed at the google HQ for quite a few days and have come up with this long but beautiful master peice explaining every bit of google activity. As a google fan, I would recommend everyone to give it a read.

You can buy the magazine at your local paper mart, or if you are like me, you can go to the Time online site and sit through a brief commercial to view the 10 page article. The article also explains how the google guys came up from no where to the position they are at present. It is quite inspirational as much as technical.

Google once put up a billboard on Route 101, the heavily trafficked artery that links the Valley to San Francisco, that said, in its entirety:

(first 10-digit prime found in consecutive digits of e).com

No Google logo, no recruiting pitch. Just the equation. The curious who solved it (yep, it’s typed the answer into their browsers and went to that Web page, which offered another, harder problem (don’t ask) that finally led to an invitation to interview at Google.

The article definitely suggests that google, though at present has a few minor cases of rights infringment, is going strong on its ultimate vision–to make nearly all information accessible to everyone all the time.

In search of the real google

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