Professional photos with ordinary camera


photo, bothack, ganesh, nitterbog, hacks, photography, tools, tutorials, downloads, tips, services, softwares, reviews, adobe, computers, geek, gadgets, technology, techfests, entertainment, music, graphics, hardwaresIt is always hard to find the right gear for a photography enthusiast at a cheap price. When you dont have $2,500 for a professional camera, here is a good article which helps you churn out professional photos using an ordinary camera.

The article teaches you step by step on how to bring out the best in your camera (shutter spped, aperture, light meter, etc.). It further devels deep into the usage of photoshop to tweak your photos to be the best.

When taking your own photos, you want lots of light – but not direct light. Direct light will cause harsh shadows, which you don’t want. DO NOT USE A FLASH! Flashes wash out colors and details – and even the entire photo if you are taking close up shots. Professional looking product photos have soft shadows and a subtle background. To achieve this effect, you want soft, diffused light. You could buy a fancy “photo tent” or “light box? to diffuse the light for you… but who wants to spend that much money? What I use is a semi clear, frosted plastic Rubbermaid container.

The explaination has been carried out in a tutorial(step by step) manner. Most features of the adobe photoshop has been dealt with and the result is amazing/stunning. This tutorial is a must for budding photographers. Also tips on the general setup for macro photography has been done good justice.

Taking Professional Looking Photos Without a Professional

3 Responses to “Professional photos with ordinary camera”

  1. 1 Akshay

    tht link in tht take photography using an ordinary camera, is nt workin.. pls ck tht out !!!

  2. 2 Akshay

    tht link in tht take photography using an ordinary camera, is nt workin.. pls ck tht out !!!

  1. 1 its blackjack time

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