Waves ’06


The Electrical department of College of Engineering, Guindy, (Anna University) are conducting a National Level Technical Symposium,WAVES 06(www.seeeofceg.org). This is a five day event, starting from 3rd march to 7th march. This time a few interesting events have been introduced.

Robonoids ’06 – An event for all the hobby robot gamers and robot designers; a first of a kind in CEG Campus. This time they are having three Robotic events: 1.AUTO MODELLISTA(Autonomous).
2.KICK ‘n’ RUSH.

The robotics events promises a lot and are also speculated to be the crowd puller for the year. It would have been better if they could increase the prize money for the individual events.

Waves ’06 is here ! And for all those who came in late (no light sabres though),Waves is a national tech-fest that unfailingly sees the best brains from the country flocking to it. From paper presentation to projects, math modelling to circuit designing, digital circuit design to circuit debugging, 8085 coding to robotics, Waves promises five days (3rd -7th March ’06) packed with cutting edge technical presentations and of course a huge booty of prizes to be won!

And for the vast part of humanity that is not of the dubious ‘Thesis Material’, we still guarantee a whale of time with Network gaming, How Things Work, Dumb C, Crossword, Quiz and Puzzle Solving.

Prizes worth Rs. 1,00,000 to be won.

For more details log on to http://www.seeeofceg.org/robonoids/index.html

Registrations will open soon (Feb 2nd, 2006).

It is interesting to note that Anna University will be hosting a set of informals like dumb c and crosswords. This is the perfect opportunity for all those who have been complaining for the lack of enough robotics events in Chennai.
Waves ’06

3 Responses to “Waves ’06”

  1. I want to attend the crossword which is conducting by the anna university-(eee)waves’06.so, please tell me the date & time as soon as possible.

  2. Crossword is called Fingers crossed:

    Prelims: 4th march (1400 – 1445 hrs)
    Finals: 7th March (1345 – 1430hrs)

  1. 1 Software Reviews

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