Can I Crash

24Jan06 is a wonderful project that lets bloggers find friendly people who will let them stay at their place. It should be wonderful to find new people and mingle with them for a couple of days.

“Can I crash?” is a project of Toothless Tiger initiated by Henriette Weber Andersen – who basically is a young female who is tired of busting her entrepreneurial budget when there is things (dinners, conferences, vacations) in other countries (or cities) she wants to attend. So this young female is thinking that if she opens her house to fellow bloggers (after following the guidelines) when they are looking for a place to stay in Copenhagen or Denmark – maybe some other bloggers will open their house to her (or other bloggers again) in other countries – that’s the idea, this is how we are going to try out if it works in practice.

What is more interesting is that quite a few Indian bloggers have registered themselves in the directory. There is a good future for this service, in a long run, you will always be able to find someone to help you out in a city/town strange to you.

Can I Crash [Via]

2 Responses to “Can I Crash”

  1. thanks for the mentioning… I appreciate it – yeah we are definetly going to work with this one- Ha, I have even done blogger pressreleases to get it widely spread *s* hope you will find it useful!

  2. Henriette, I wish you the very best in your endeavours. I sure found this service very useful. I generally travel a lot and this website is a boon to me. Thanks for dropping in.

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