Yahoo! Widgets


Want some eye candy forr your desktop? Yahoo! Widgets are the latest craze! These tiny bits of not-quite-there-programs hang around on your desktop looking good and helping you out with all those small tasks that you wanted to do but didn’t want to waste too much time on. These widgets focus mainly on purpose and looks. And there are widgets that do anything you imagine – search on google, serve as reminder pads, give you the time, tell you the weather, have a pokemon animation and even give you the latest statistics of football club West Bromwich Albion! You can search for widgets here.
Couldn’t find a type of widget that you wanted? Then create your own. This page gives you all the resources that you require.

Of course this is resource intensive and you have to keep a watch on your memory usage (512 MB RAM recommended). And many of the Widgets require a net connectionto get live information.

2 Responses to “Yahoo! Widgets”

  1. how can i use widgets what are main advantaes for them

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