SUSE 10.0 – Upgraded!


For all those who have SUSE 10.0! Were you frustrated when u realised that you couldn’t play your favourite mp3s? Or that all support for Java, Flash and Acrobat Reader has been withdrawn? Well, here‘s the perfect guide for you to set it all right.

Instructions have been given to set right all of the above as well as to play windows media files.

I set up MPlayer using the procedure described and it worked fine.

The repository URLs are to be entered in the Installation Source part of YaST. For e.g., one of the repositories is For adding this, you need to say Add HTTP source, and in the server field enter and in the directory field, type suse/10.0/
Do it similarly for the other mirrors.

You can disable the CD/DVD source. When first going into the Software Management section, it’ll take some time for it to read packages, as it is doing so from the net. All packages are installed from the net. Obviously, a high speed unlimited net connection is recommended for this!

Here’s what I did (before I found out about the site) :
Flash can be set up using the Install Missing Plugins option in Firefox when you visit and site with flash. No problems there!

Even Real Player can be set up using the Download from their Real Networks website. I doubt you’ll find the link at but you can try googling Real Player for Linux.
I set up MPlayer using the Packman repository and it worked fine.

I installed Java as per procedure but it did not work. (I haven’t rebooted the comp yet, but don’t think that’s the problem)

Acrobat reader seems to be missing from the repositories and any website I go, it says that the reader does not support SUSE 10 and that it’s impossible to get a browser plugin for it.

So basically the working software can all be installed on your own going site by site and downloading setups separately and installing them. But repositories serve as one stop solutions for installing packages.

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