Sony ‘Reader’


Sony introduces its Electronic book which people can read from hours together without straining their eyes. Sony claims the ‘Reader’ to be the biggest threat to the Paper books in the coming years. Reader is of a size of a slim paperback (6.9? by 4.9? by .5?), but can store 80 average size books at a time. The primary reason for the failure of eBooks Sonycatching on is the overstraining of a viewer’s eyes due to constant flickering of a computer. However the Reader diplays its text along with image on a an electronic page of high resolution that makes it indistinguishable from the real thing.

Reading from the Sony® Reader is unlike reading from any other digital device you’ve ever seen. Its breakthrough electronic paper technology provides clarity and resolution that rival paper itself. The 6-inch screen is as easy to read in full daylight as indoors, and can be viewed from nearly any angle. Forgot your reading glasses? Enlarge text up to 200%. It’s the way on-screen reading was always meant to be – book-like.

The Reader is also power effecient. As per Sony, a rechargable battery will provide 7,500 page turns between charges. 

Another feature (apart from its 180 deg viewable angle) which may interest people is its ability to play MP3 music.

The unit comes with a docking stationand a USB port at the bottom for connecting to your computer.

So get ready to see children carrying this gadget to school in place of heavy bags.What’s more is that using Connect software from SONY, any book can be downloaded. The online book store promises thousands of book titles.

Priced between $299-$399, I feel its too costly for a Reader. After all MIT has come up with a $100 Laptop with more features in it. Yes size and power consumption does matter, but I would still stick to the MIT laptop.


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