Feed2Podcast is a service which allows you to turn your rss feed into a audio podcast. The service ideal for bloggers can also be used with any RSS feed.

feed2podcastFeed2Podcast allows readers to subscribe to your blog posts in the form of podcats in iTunes, supporting both Mac and Windows. It also provides a flash player format, where you can listen to the feed with live streaming. The streaming is good and fast without any lag apart from the initial one.

The possible future is a easy route into the podcasting world. The service is free and registration takes about a minute. Feedburner feeds are good enough to be accepted. They also offer 3 different buttons with ready to use code in your site.

The three drawback of Feed2Podcast:

  • Updating feature. Even if the RSS feed is updated quickly, the PodCast feed takes days to update itself. This leads to a situtation where the reader just listens to your old post unaware that an update is available. Feed2Podcast is a service in its infant stage and we are sure it will overcome this lag in updating itself in coherance with the RSS feed.
  • FlashPlayer. The flashplayer on its own is a good feature. Its streaming capabilities are fine too. But what would would add more spice is, if there was a way to embed the flashplayer in your blog sidebar. At present only a link can be provided at your blog to listen to the posts. When the link is clicked, it navigates to a new page with the flash player alone. Feed2Podcast can definitely work on this one too.
  • Member options. After relogging into you member account, you find little option. There is no option to change your RSS feed address. I had to make another account to change my input feed address. This might turn out painful in future. 

5 Responses to “Feed2Podcast”

  1. Dear Bothack,

    Thank you for the post on Feed2Podcast.com. We will be adding you feedback to our features list. We are working on a new flash player and adding to our member options, they should be up and running in about 2 weeks. The updating feature looks for new posts evey 3 hours, so if it is really taking days we will fix it.

    Thank you again for the blog about us. I you think of anything else that we could be doing to make our service better feel free to make suggestions. We are listening…


    Feed2Podcast Crew

  2. Good to know sir. I am sure Feed2Podcast has a bright future. Thank you for responding.

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