PixPulse is a new way to share mobile media using your camera phone. Using PixPulse you can Share-Blog-broadcast :

  • Easily send photos, videos and blogs from your camera phone to all your friend’s phones and mobile devices
  • Receive media from your friends and comments via SMS to your cell phone
  • Works with all WAP-enabled mobile devices on any mobile carrier in the world
  • Free for you and all your friends
  • What amke this service more interesting is that, PixPulse will be sending your sms/mms to all your friends, you will have to pay only for a single message (Thats some good news to people restricted with number of free sms per day.)

    PixPulse is a free service and they promise it will always be free (I doubt it though, noting the rise in the number of users has tripled in the past few days).

    Note: PixPulse is NOT a photo/video storing website or social network.

    PixPulse – Your own mobile media channel

    **Update: PixPulse started in 2005 when David wanted to create an easier and more interactive way to share videos and photos with friends on mobile phone. He has stated clearly in the comments that PixPulse will remain a free service forever. Thanks Mr.David Xue!

    4 Responses to “PixPulse”

    1. We will definately be keeping PixPulse free. I wouldn’t have been able to make this statement back in 2000, but now bandwidth and redundant storage is cheap for me to offer a quality service.

    2. It is good to know Sir

    3. 3 Joyous

      I still don’t know how to share my mpix wit friends. Is there a link I can send thru sms?

    4. Very amazing site! I wish I could do something as nice as you did…mary

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