Lemelson-MIT trivia time


MITThe Lemelson-MIT Program is to raise the stature of inventors and to inspire invention and innovation among young people.

The Lemelson-MIT Program is dedicated to honoring the acclaimed and unsung heroes who have helped improve our lives through invention. We inspire and encourage tomorrow’s great inventors through various outreach programs, including rich educational materials and an innovative grants program for school aged youth. The cornerstone of the Lemelson-MIT Program is a prestigious awards program that includes the $500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize, the world’s largest single cash prize for invention.

All though the program involves big names in the technological world, what would interest students like us is the ‘Game & Trivia’ page. There are 4 trivia challenges with a few questions. For instance the Monthly Trivia Challenge which has about 10 questions and takes some 5 minutes to fill up. The objective of these games is to increase peoples knowledge on Inventions as you can see in the rules a ‘google search’ is fine with them.

The prize isn’t very attrative, but having a “MIT Innovation” t-shirt in your closet isn’t going to hurt a bit. Also your name with location will be placed on the site for a month (Something to flaunt about). The winner is choosen from a pool of correct enteries. The last date for this months draw is 31st Jan. The contest happens every month and we already have two Indians whose names have been published for the months October and November.

Also interested people can hae a look at their “Inventors Hand-Book“. The book is very handy if you are planning on patenting your ideas.
Lemelson-MIT Program

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