WiMax in India a reallity


If the government and the industry are in an agreement then we may soon have WiMax technology in India. The decision to move forward towards WiMax is a direct result of the Indian Wireless Broadband Summit which took place on 10th Jan 2006(yesterday) at New Delhi. Dr. Paulraj who co-founded Beceem Comunications has submitted his proposal to place India on the map as a cutting edge provider of WiMax technology.

It is 30 times faster than the much-touted 3G or third generation mobile technology. It is 100 times faster than the wireless data rates offered by today’s cellular solutions in India. And it may be the “agni astra” to solve the “last mile” connectivity problems that have created a huge divide between the urban and rural access to Internet.

WiMax — the faster, longer range version of WiFi (the technology to wirelessly access the Net) — might just turn out to be something that will allow India to to harness broadband for its objectives. This was the message sent out at the one-day Indian Wireless Broadband summit held here on Monday.

What is worrying me is the fact that they are going to use BSNL networks for building up the base of WiMax and use wireless system for the ‘last mile’ (the inaccessible parts) and we all know how good the BSNL networks are. They cup every 3 days. Why don’t they leave the connectivity part to some private party.

WiMax could help bridge India’s telecom divide

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