Techkriti ’06 – Where Ideas become reality


Techkriti ’06 the technical fest of IIT Kanpur(UP) is out, this year its bigger, better and fresh. A few new competitions have been introduced. The theme for this years edition of Techkriti is India 2050, which is very interesting as it calls for ideas in connection with the development and economical balance for the betterment of the country. The Vision shows India 44 years from now.

IIT Kanpur, ever since its inception, has been adding new dimensions to the technological scenario of the world. Quite early in our glorious journey, we felt a need to nurture the creativity and to acknowledge the genius of students from all over the nation by providing them a platform to showcase their technical expertise. This led to Techkriti, the annual Science and Technology festival of the institute.

This year the competitions have been tweaked up a bit to make it more competitive and tougher. Attempts to get more out-station participants is eveident from their homepage. The Techkriti website speaks for itself. Lot of effort has gone in redesigning the website.

Techkriti ’06 flags off on 23rd, feb 2006 and ends on 26th feb. I hope better arrangements for accomodation are made this year. Last year the organization was way below par. Also Kanpur is freezing in the month of Feb so get proper clothes. The registrations for competitions have begun. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to keep an eye on the updates on competitions.
And browse through their website: There is something for everyone there.

Techkriti ’06

9 Responses to “Techkriti ’06 – Where Ideas become reality”

  1. 1 karan mittal

    please imform me about civil engineering related contest oftechfest of iit kanpur

  2. Thank you very much for your post, you gave me some missing info i needed for my study

    I have bookmarked your site and hope to see more great stuff coming


    Sandra Breekin

  3. Hey there

    Thanks for this great post it was just the missing info that i needed for my study

    I have bookmarked your site in the hope that you will bring more of this great stuff to the table


    Wilco Breens

  4. i love that design!


    Please tell me about comp. related to ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATION .

  6. simply fabulous and great

  7. zxmfhv8fghd zxbnyudghusd v

  8. 8 Rishi Raj Gupta

    please let me know if there r any options for biotech engineers. Thank u

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