Optical mouse into a Scanner


Here is a simple tutorial on how to convert your optical mouse(without wrecking it) into a scanner. The process is very simple and requires no hardware mods. The tutorial also has a link to where you can download a software (scripted in VB) which will help you to transform your optical mouse instantly into a scanner. So what are you waiting for…

Are you using an optical mouse right now? Ever wanted to see your desktop through the eye on the bottom of it? Me neither, I already know I have to clean my desktop 🙂optiscanner

People get bored sometimes, and when I get bored I sometimes open up stuff to find out what makes it tick. One time, I did this with an old optical mouse. Well, a mouse only has 2 chips inside: the optical sensor and a chip for the usb/ps2-interfacing. I looked up the datasheet of the optical sensor (which is an ADNS2610) and it told me the sensor has a tiny 18×18 CCD, which can be read out using the serial port (the one which normally interfaces to the PS2/USB-chip).”

Before you hurry up, I must warn you that the scanner quality is not very good and can’t be used generally. However its a fun project and you might as well learn a few things.

How to convert your optical mouse into a handy scanner

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